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Fire System Service and Maintenance

KSA FIRE PROTECTION unburdens you of all maintenance. You can call on us for preventive and corrective maintenance, foam tests, flow measurements and rinsing your pipes.

 Do you have any more questions on the maintenance of your materials? Our account managers are ready to answer all your questions. If desired, the can come by for tailored advice. Please contact us to make an appointment by using the contact form, or call us directly on +966 57 018 9244.

  • Expert flow measurements
  • Rinsing Pipes


Expert flow measurements

AGEC Fire Safety Systems employs skilled professionals who perform flow measurements daily for various companies in the industrial sector. In industrial firefighting we are very much aware how important it is that your extinguishing systems are well maintained and able to perform when necessary. In need of advice? Please contact us without obligation by using the contact form, or call us directly on +966 57 018 9244

Rinsing Pipes

Rinsing pipes is of essential importance for the flow of the water. Rinsing pipes is frequently accompanied by a flow measurement and a Pac-bag. It is important for your extinguishing system to perform on the moment the safety of you staff or installations is at risk.

For the integration and development of extinguishing systems it is of great importance that this should be done with the utmost precision. An extinguishing system should perform at the moment that the safety of your staff or installations is at risk. An important part is the water supply, in which the water pipes are the basis of your extinguishing system. During a flow measurement the flow of the water is measured per unit of time.

Flow measurement: indispensable in your extinguishing system

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KFP regularly performs flow measurements on fire hydrants, drinking water pipes and sprinkler systems. By regularly executing a flow measurement you are assured of a reliable extinguishing system. A flow measurement gives insight in the capacity of your extinguishing systems and points out where possible bottlenecks can be found. The results of a flow measurement are processed in a maintenance report.

Why rinsing pipes?

In the course of the years small amounts of iron and manganese can settle in the pipes in places where the water flows at low speeds, resulting in congestion. Next to that, scale can constrict the diameter of the pipes, which will result in a lowered capacity of water supply. Scale can even make that the supply of your extinguishing system is blocked completely, with all its consequences.

We can fix it!

As a supplier in the petrochemical firefighting we know very well that the water supply of your extinguishing systems is of great importance. We gladly inform you on rinsing your pipes. All our activities are noted in a maintenance report. In need of advice? Please contact us without obligation by using the contact form, or call us directly on +966 57 018 9244.


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